Personal Effects Handling

The thought of transporting your belongings to your new home abroad be source of great distress, it is natural worry that things will be damaged or even lost. FMC Logistics specialise in ensuring our customers' personal effects are effectively transported to their destination. Our goal is to alleviate this stress by guaranteeing that they arrive safely and securely.

When dealing with your personal effects, we believe in the importance of providing a personal touch to this service. We understand the importance of ensuring you completely trust our services, similarly that extra care is given when packaging, transporting and delivering your goods. Our team are extensively trained to make sure that the handling of your items is always careful.

  • Service highlights:

    • Specialised transport
    • Large scale items are safely deliver
    • Customised solution for your out-of-gauge cargo
    • Adhere to security requirements
    • Focused and dedicated service throughout
    • Cargo can be transported globally or nationally
  • Customer Benefits:

    • Effective transportation of larger and out-of-gauge cargo
    • Forwarding of transport to meet tight deadlines
    • Updates on the progress of cargo is provided