Cross Trade

FMC have the expertise in Cross Trade activities for both Air & Sea movements.

We offered clients in the U.K, Europe, Pakistan, China, South Africa, and various Cross Trade opportunities culminating with many new cargo bookings for the company.

With our experience and expertise we currently move cargo booked and paid for in the UK from and to:-

  • Chile to Shanghai
  • Europe to the Middle East
  • Europe to India and Pakistan
  • USA to the Middle East and many more...

Cross Trade business has become our strength and its a niche market for the company.

  • Service highlights:

    • Specialised transport
    • Large scale items are safely deliver
    • Customised solution for your out-of-gauge cargo
    • Adhere to security requirements
    • Focused and dedicated service throughout
    • Cargo can be transported globally or nationally
  • Customer Benefits:

    • Effective transportation of larger and out-of-gauge cargo
    • Forwarding of transport to meet tight deadlines
    • Updates on the progress of cargo is provided