Logistics & Warehousing Solutions


Our unique features

1. Secure and Cost-effective Warehousing 

Our cutting-edge facilities in warehouse UK ensure that your products are stored safely and efficiently, and our low price allows you to save money on storage costs. Prices starts from 12 GBP per pallet per month storage.

2. Expert Fulfillment Teams 

Our knowledgeable fulfillment teams are committed to handling every element of your order processing, assuring correct picking, packing, and prompt delivery to your clients.

3. Flexible Logistics Solutions

Our warehousing solutions may be adapted to your changing needs, allowing you to scale up or down as your business requires.

4. Dedicated Deliveries

Our customized delivery services prioritize your goods, ensuring consistent and on-time deliveries that improve customer satisfaction.

5. Packaging Materials 

Choose from a choice of packaging materials, allowing you the freedom to match your branding and protection needs in our warehouse UK

6. Barcode Integration 

We provide a seamless connection to streamline inventory management and order tracking processes if your products require barcodes.

Frequently asked questions

  • How can I check my stock status?

You can easily monitor your stock status through our user-friendly online portal.

  • Is there a limit to the number of SKUs I can have?

There’s no fixed limit on the number of SKUs you can have; our system is designed to accommodate your product range.

  • Are barcodes required for my products?

Barcodes are optional, but our warehouse UK offers barcode integration for efficient tracking if desired.

  •  Do you have depots located near me?

Yes, we have strategically placed depots across the UK for convenient access.

  • Can I use your packaging materials?

Indeed, you can use our packaging materials or opt to provide your own for a personalized touch.

We are an international freight shipping
company based in Essex, UK

Our haulage and courier company offers unrivalled, bespoke global cargo and pallet shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals. From pallet delivery to parcel shipping, we are a reputable UK-based freight forwarding company located near the M25 and numerous local and international air and maritime ports.


IPEX Container Line

The brand IPEX Container line is owned by FMC Logistics and represent the companys Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier ( NVOCC ) Eastbound traffic to the Indian Sub-Continent, China and the Middle East.

  • Specialised transport
  • Large scale items are safely deliver
  • Customised solution for your out-of-gauge cargo
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