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Freight forwarding Services

Sea Freight​

By far the most popular transportation mode to move larger quantities of cargo.
We specialise in movement of full container load (FCL) and less than container load (LCL), thanks to our partnership with all major shipping lines we are able to negotiate highly competitive rates on behalf of our customers to provide the best selection of services.

  • Standard container cargo
  • Break Bulk
  • Out of Gauge
  • Heavy Lift
  • Temperature controlled



IPEX Container Line

The brand IPEX Container line is owned by FMC Logistics and represent the companys Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier ( NVOCC ) Eastbound traffic to the Indian Sub-Continent, China and the Middle East.

  • Specialised transport
  • Large scale items are safely deliver
  • Customised solution for your out-of-gauge cargo

Air Freight

Air Freight continues to be a growing mode of transport being used by companies that do not want to tie up funds in stock. We understand the importance of our customer’s need of urgency, efficiency, control, communication and are proud to serve these customers using the ‘Just in time’ concept. Your shipment can be collected on a very short notice to meet plane cut off time and delivered to your door or at the airport. We offer the following services

  • Air Freight Imports
  • Air Freight Exports
  • Third country Airfreight movements
  • Combination of Air and Sea services
  • Express
  • Courier

Road Freight

Reliable, cost-effective and offering a daily service, our overland logistic solutions are an essential part of business across Europe. We offer full and part load services to and from all EU countries in association with our appointed agents at most locations throughout Europe. Via this agency network, we can offer excellent prices and transit times with goods invariably collected and delivered on the same trailer.
  • Planning and carrying out a strategic plan

Freight forwarders methodically organize and carry out the global transportation of products, serving as the architects of logistics strategies. This entails various activities, such as negotiating freight forwarder UK rates, preparing customs paperwork, and organizing freight consolidation.

  • Logistics navigating Complexity

International shipping is complicated and necessitates knowledge in many different fields. To successfully manage the intricacies of international logistics, goods freight forwarder need a wide skill set, from an awareness of various customs norms to agile problem-solving when challenges emerge.

  • Creating Stable Networks

The ability to develop networks effectively is at the core of efficient supply chains. The robustness of the supply chain ecosystem is ensured by goods forwarders, who promote the linkages that serve as the framework for effective trade operations.

Toolkit for Freight Forwarders: Resources and Knowledge

  • Tracking shipments precisely

The use of advanced Transportation Management Systems (TMS) allows freight forwarders to keep constant track of shipments at all times. Delivery on time and in security is ensured by this technological monitoring.

  • Mastery of Customs Brokerage

Customs brokerage, a crucial component of freight forwarder UK, necessitates specialized licensing. Licensed brokers are well-equipped to manage the complex paperwork for efficient importing and exporting operations.

  • Storage Facilitation

Even though some freight forwarders have their storage facilities, the bulk work with strategic affiliates to set up warehousing solutions. This guarantees convenient and secure storage for goods while they are moving.

  • Strategic Discussions

The skill of negotiating is essential for efficient goods moving. When negotiating with carriers to achieve affordable shipping rates, it’s essential to consider various things, such as the kind of goods and credits.

  • How to Schedule Cargo Spaces Expertise

Efficient coordination of cargo space is a clear example of a forwarder’s abilities. Here is where a forwarder’s knowledge shines, from maximizing container utilization to investigating multimodal shipping possibilities.

  • Effective Consolidation of Freight

Freight consolidation is made possible by freight forwarder UK for shipments that don’t need a complete container. Thanks to this service, which distributes transportation expenses among participants, multiple consignments can share a single container, known as less-than-container load (LCL) shipping.

  • Getting Insurance for Cargo

Additionally, goods forwarders provide cargo insurance to protect against loss or damage while in transit. This additional layer of security gives shippers peace of mind and improves the dependability of global trade.


With FMC Logistics, your haulage journey is our top priority.

The final stop for your goods is a challenge we embrace, irrespective of the distance or urgency. Seamlessly delivering your haulage to its ultimate destination, no matter how remote, is our pledge.

While others limit their reach to major hubs, our distinction lies in transcending boundaries. As a premier provider of UK freight forwarding, we ensure that your groupage is safeguarded with the highest level of care. Trust in FMC Logistics means your cargo is in capable hands, guaranteed.

We are an international freight shipping
company based in Essex, UK

Our haulage and courier company offers unrivalled, bespoke global cargo and pallet shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals. From pallet delivery to parcel shipping, we are a reputable UK-based freight forwarding company located near the M25 and numerous local and international air and maritime ports.

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