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Shipping to USA from UK

Diversifying Your Horizons: Entering the American Market

Are you prepared to leave your mark on another continent? The United States is the most excellent economy in the world, with a stunning GDP of almost $20.513 trillion. This presents a multitude of chances for small firms.


British businesses have long understood the US market’s possibilities for exports. In 2017, the UK shipped $45.2 billion of products to the US. Shipping to USA from UK has been more accessible than ever because of recent laws and tariff reforms, especially for small enterprises.

Take advantage of this economic juggernaut and start Shipping to USA from UK. FMC Logistics is here to be your traveling companion and source of information.

Costs of UK to US Delivery: A Guide

  • You shouldn’t be troubled by the costs of your shipments, regardless of whether your clientele lives in energetic New York City, sunny Los Angeles, or practically anyplace else in the US.

    It’s not just the big corporations that can send Shipments to the United States. When you choose to ship to the USA from the UK, your shipping costs include everything needed to serve your clients worldwide, emphasizing the US. 

    Here is how the shipping process is done. 

  • Request a quotation now to get the most affordable and competitive shipping prices for your next package delivery to the US. 
  • When you’re prepared to continue, you may respond to the email immediately with all the necessary information. 
  • Please use the appropriate statement if you are transporting unaccompanied personal items, such as clothing.
  • Transit times between big cities are depending on your demands, select between express or economy options. Use your postcodes with our travel time calculators to get precise estimations.


We are your entryway to successful shipping to USA from UK at FMC Logistics.

We are an international freight shipping
company based in Essex, UK

Our haulage and courier company offers unrivalled, bespoke global cargo and pallet shipping solutions for both businesses and individuals. From pallet delivery to parcel shipping, we are a reputable UK-based freight forwarding company located near the M25 and numerous local and international air and maritime ports.


IPEX Container Line

The brand IPEX Container line is owned by FMC Logistics and represent the companys Non Vessel Operating Common Carrier ( NVOCC ) Eastbound traffic to the Indian Sub-Continent, China and the Middle East.

  • Specialised transport
  • Large scale items are safely deliver
  • Customised solution for your out-of-gauge cargo
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